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Affinity Groups for Associations, Clubs and Classes

Affinity Groups are where it is possible for associations, clubs and classes to earn a return from purchases made by their members. It works on the basis that when members click through to The Yachting Studio from your web site, or click on a link in an eMail that you may send to your members, the sale is registered against your account and commissions will be paid monthly. By this means, your members can give something back to your organisation so that you can improve support for your members.

To join the scheme, you need to register as an affiliate and that will provide access to everything you need to set up the scheme - this is a very simple process and requires no special technical knowledge. We handle all the ordering process, product delivery and customer service needs. You will have access to your own control panel from where you can obtain banners and links to drive the process and you can check at anytime your statistics, sales, traffic, account balance and see how the banners are performing.

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