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Note on Ceramics

A range of decorated ceramic products are available and new types of product and designs are being constantly added as the availability of suitable images become available and the design inspiration hits us, including:

  • Mugs: vitrified, porcelain mugs are robust and with a good quality finish. Although slightly more costly than mass-market mugs, the digital production process warrants a better quality.
  • Dishes: a range of serving dishes for snacks, etc. - see range of options
  • Tiles: individual bespoke tile sets.
The designs are added using a digital ceramic process and fired in the usual way to provide a decorated product that is totally food-safe and with the longevity of any ceramic product.
NB: Although we aim for 7 days, an order may take up to 28 days if kiln needs to be fired for additional production batch.
Example of mugs
A 15% discount is given for a set of 4 mugs (any combination of design)

<span style='color: #000000;'>Bespoke Production & Prizes</span>

Bespoke Production & Prizes

Any of our products can be adapted to include, for instance,

  • details of a regatta or event, as memorabilia, or individually produced to serve as prizes
  • club or class association details may be added
  • sets of products, designed for a specific boat or venue
  • additional designs may be commissioned

Wall Murals

Sets of tiles may be produced to any scale (depending on the quality of the original image) in sizes which may increase to fit whole walls and which may be overprinted with text and/or graphics - sample of a small 6-tile set:

Ideal for decorating Yacht/Sailing Clubs, the home, leisure facilities, apartment blocks, offices, restaurants, bars - anywhere where a maritime theme is being used (or any other theme come to that if a suitable image/design is either available or can be created).

Test firings are required on the proposed tiles to be used, to check on colour reproduction which can be affected by the existing glaze.

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