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The Metre Classes

The International Rule was first sailed in 1907 and formed the mainstay of the Olympic classes up until the mid-fifties, the British-American Cup through the 1930's and the America's Cup from after WWII and the demise of the big boats up until the mid-1980's. The boats are measured in Metres to distinguish them from the previous Linear Rule which were measured in feet and the units in either rule are no indication of size - for instance a 6 Metre (6mR) actually measures around 11 metres. They are generally reckoned to be the fastest and most stylish day racing boats - certainly some of the biggest, the 23mR were almost synonymous with the 'J'-class yachts. As a development class there has been endless experimentation to advance yacht design and sailing technique and there are some very famous boats as a result.

These two events are being run from mid-July to the end of the month by the Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes. For information goto the British Six Metre web site. This event page includes:

  • a poster by celebrated French artist Marc Berthier - skippers and crew will receive complimentary copies - others available from here, signed and unsigned.
  • «It's the Rule» - a photo exhibition at the Classic Boat Museum, new premises at East Cowes - photographs celebrating the Metre boats - signed copies to order.
  • DVDs and books about the International Rule
  • Photographs taken during the events - prints to order [NB: on completion of the events]

      For additional items, see the Classic Boat and America's Cup in the product sections.

MUGS - Set of 6 Classic Keelboats

MUGS - Set of 6 Classic Keelboats

Ref: MUG110002

One each of 6mR, Redwing, Daring, Dragon,Sunbeam, XOD
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Price: 49.96 (Including VAT at 20%)


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