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Please note that prints and photographs have a handling charge due to their special packaging requirements. This varies by photographer and will be added at checkout.

Notes About Prints

Open Edition prints are those which may be produced in unlimited numbers and may be signed or unsigned.

Limited Edition prints are produced to a declared maximum limit, usually with a few artist's proofs as overs, and are serially numbered and signed by the artist. They may increase in value once the edition has sold out depending on their value to collectors.

Giclée prints are produced by a special technique to apply ink to uneven surfaces and may be produced on art paper or canvas. They are usually small limited editions, signed and numbered.

A remarque is a small original drawing or painting created by the artist’s hand in the margin of a print. Done only on a limited portion of the prints in an edition, these small original works of art can increase the value of a print dramatically over time. A printed remarque is a hand drawn or painted remarque that has been reproduced on a limited edition of prints. This is usually done to distinguish a certain edition of prints from others.

Online Catalogue | Artworks |  Prints