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Photo & Print Exhibition

Eight internationally renowned photographers have submitted their best images of Metre boats to an exhibition organised by the Isle of Wight Classic Boat Museum and housed at their new premises in East Cowes. This on-line exhibition makes available original signed prints by the photographers - the prints will be specially made to each photographer's own exacting standards.

Please NOTE: some information is still incomplete (such as pricing and missing images) and will be updated when supplied by the photographers. See note at end of Introductory Page.


Marc Berthier's commemorative poster, prints from Stephen Dews and Tim Thompson (also in the Exhibition of Photos and Prints)

More prints including Amercia's Cup from before the 12mR's and the America's Cup Class, as well as other yachting scenes, classic and modern, can be found here

DVDs & Books

The history of the International Rule and the classes.

See also America's Cup section where the 12mR played a prominent role and the Classic Boat section where Metre boats form the most spectacular fleet in classic events.

The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing

The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing

Pekka Barck and Tim Street
Publisher: Littorale

Ref: BKS000302

The Six Metre – 100 Years of Racing is believed to be the first full book on Six Metre yachts in English ever published. Many thousands of sailors have enjoyed these yachts during the past century. More than 1200 Six Metres have been built and almost all of them were unique designs, built to win races. Today more than one third of them are known to still exist and many have been beautifully restored. It is not a hyperbole to say that the class is today more vigorous than ever with more than 300 boats believed to be in racing trim.

During an honourable 100 year history a lot has happened – disaster and sensation, storm and calm, war and reconciliation, recession and expansion. Put simply this is the History of the Six Metres.

The book has six main chapters:
THE RULE: the rules and the development of the class
RACING: reports on all the major trophies for Six Metres
DESIGNERS: a record of most of the important designers
YACHTS: stories of eight selected yachts
COUNTRIES: histories of the Six Metre by country
APPENDIXES: a register of all yachts built, together with the current fl eets and yachts
Status: Import
No longer available

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