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Welcome to The Yachting Studio


Still adding new designs and products, we are continuing to assemble a range of art and gift products for the sailing community. Some are an eclectic mix of appropriate items, while others we are manufacturing and commissioning to be able to offer an original and stunning assortment of products which will be ideal as gifts to friends, family, crew, your boat and even yourself.

Sponsors of The Metre & Classic Keelboat Regatta, Cowes Classics Week

We are actively involved with Cowes Classics Week and are one of the main sponsors. Goto Cowes Classics Week to see details.
Click here to go to the Regatta Page to order relevant products and memborabilia from the 2008 event

Site Organisation

The Studio is organised both by type of product and by the class or type of boat. Click on Classes or the relevant type of boat to find products that are specific to any class, or browse the sections for a wider range of products.

Relations with Yachting Associations - Affinity Groups

The Yachting Studio have formed and will form additional affinity groups with class and sailing associations, making a contribution to those associations when their members make purchases. It was established in the first instance in connection with the Metre classes as they prepared for their Centenary Regatta of the International Rule and the International Six Metre World Championship and has supported the subsequent Metre & Classic Keelboat Regatta.

It is by this means that by making purchases through us, you will be benefiting your own sport and your own class association or club. We can also set up special pages with selected products in support of yachting events, such as that we have established for the Metre Classes for this summer. We can also produce bespoke designs for your boat, club, class or regatta - see brochure

To set up a similar group arrangement with your own class or club, please click here for more information and to register

Our Aims

Our aim is to offer a wide selection so that our customers can select what they want rather than having to choose from what we selected. This means that we operate short or on-demand production rather than hold loads of stock in order to help keep prices reasonable. Also, some of the specialist products may not be readily available, so if you place an order please accept that there may be sourcing delays (although we will certainly do our best to minimise these and will keep you informed). Many products are supplied by smaller businesses and individual professionals, some of whom may not always be available to service an order - for instance, they mostly go sailing themselves or are out on the water capturing images. This means that we may need to allow additional time to fulfil an order - you will be kept informed by email of the expected delivery schedule.

The Studio includes:

  • Limited edition prints - for instance a painting is being commissioned for the Centenary Regatta and signed copies of a specially designed poster will be available.
  • Photographs - stunning sailing images captured by world-class photographers in a variety of formats, including signed original prints. For instance, we organised a photographic exhibition at Cowes during the Metre events and copies of the exhibition images are available from The Yachting Studio
  • Books & DVDs - not the usual chandlery selection, but those that celebrate the boats and the sailors
  • Ceramics - taking advantage of some of the wonderful images available - something to put your coffee or your snacks in
  • Print products - such as notelets and cards